Twin Dragons Mural at RAMEN ISSHIN

Panorama dragon

[titled_box title=”Twin Dragons – Mural at RAMEN ISSHIN (Japanese Noodle Restaurant)” variation=”orange”]
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      • RAMEN ISSHIN: 421 College St. (Bathurst x College) Toronto
      • Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30am-11pm / Fri-Sat 11:30am-Midnight / Sun 11:30am-10pm
      • Website: [fancy_link link=”” target=”blank” variation = “orange”][/fancy_link]
      • Facebook: [fancy_link link=”” target=”blank” variation = “orange”][/fancy_link]

Artist’s Words:
In East Asia, we have always been familiar with the dragons from ancient times. It has been told that they live in the Dragon’s Palace and fly around the sky. They have been worshipped as a Dragon God or Dragon King that brings rain. Dragons are the only mythical animals in the Chinese zodiac, and they are a symbol of power, strength and good luck. It was not easy capturing the dragons in this painting. However, I used the gradation technique of Sumi-E (Japanese Ink painting). The pearl, which the dragon holds, is filled with hopes, dreams, and good fortune. I hope you enjoy the Twin dragons’ magnificent spirits and humorous expressions.

I painted the Twin Dragons hoping that they will give you mystical power for your following wishes:
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  • When you have a strong will and wish to start something new.
  • When you become true to yourself and try to challenge something.
  • When you wish for courage when making a brave, but difficult decision.
  • When you become responsible for an important duty.
  • When you feel there is an opportunity approaching from afar.
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    • 意志を強く持って新しい事をスタートするとき。
    • 気持ちを素直に出してやってみたかった事にトライするとき。
    • あと一歩の勇気ある行動力と潔い決断力が欲しいとき
    • 大切な役目が回って来たと感じるとき。
    • 遠方からチャンスがやってくる暗示を感じるとき。
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